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Price:    $47/month   
Features:    Automated 3 way link exchange; 250 incoming links for each site; Ability to rank 50 of your web sites into the network    

What Is 3WayLinks & How It Works

3WayLinks.net is a 3 way link exchange network to help you get hands-off backlinks for your web sites.

In a 3-way link setup, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A.

According to Jonathan Leger’s theory,  “Google sees each link in the 3-way link exchange as a one-way link and gives it the FULL ranking value of a one-way link.”

The quality control is kind of strict on sites allowed in 3WayLinks network and they do have some decent PR4+ sites in their network.

You can put 50 web sites in the network with your 3WayLinks account. And sites with a PageRank of 4 or higher do not count against your total. Each of those sites will receive about 250 incoming links from other sites in the network.

For the quality of the 250 links, here is the PageRank distribution for a typical site of mine in the network:

PR5 1
PR4 1
PR3 27
PR2 101
PR1 59
PR0 46

Please beware that the number of PR5 link is 1, it doesn’t mean that you actually get a PR5 link. It only indicates you are getting one backlink from inner link page on a PR5 site.

Spin formatting is also supported with 3waylinks. You can spin your domain descriptions and anchor text for your links, so you can generate as many variations of the link text as you want.

They also have a new desktop-based rank checking program is available for Windows-based PC, so you can easily check the rankings for your sites.

As a 3waylinks member, you also receive complementary beta membership of their DirLinks service.

DirLinks.net is designed to build true one-way links into your web site. The way it accomplishes this is by having “helper” sites that each member submits into the network. By uploading a few scripts to each helper site, a categorized directory of links is built over time, with each directory linking out to other network members’ configured sites.

You can have a maximum of 10 helper sites in your account, which gives you a total of 10,000 links to use. The links do not have to be to the same domain, you can link to the inner pages of your sites too.

Sites which are currently in the 3WayLinks.net network cannot act as helper sites, but you can link out to sites that are in the 3WayLinks.net network.

Do 3WayLinks Really Work?

The downside of 3 way links is that the quality of links you get aren’t fantastic since your getting links from an inner link page on other sites in the network.

So it won’t be very effective if you want to push your sites to the top of the search results for some very competitive keywords.

But all you want to rank are some niche keywords, it will be very powerful because you get all your links hands-free. 250 backlinks can easily get you page 1 rankings for some long-tail keywords.

Some Q&As about 3WayLinks:

=> Question #1 – Does 3WayLinks accept any kind of site?
Answer: Your sites must have at least 2 pages indexed in Google and support PHP scripting.

Only family-friendly sites are accepted (no adult, gambling, warez, hate, etc.)

One another thing I should point out that they also don’t accept “faith-based” sites into the network, or sites with religious content, just because of Jon’s own religious faith.

So you may get problems with sites on Mythology or Christmas. It may sound silly to some people, but if you want to benefit from their hands-off and effortless link-building service you must beware of that.

To give you the most likely types of content they exclude:

ANY religion or religious and faith *related* content
ALL holidays (in the religious festival sense of the word, not vacations)
‘Unofficial’ faiths – wicca, paganism, withcraft, sorcery
Festivals/occasions that are faith based in nature such as Christmas, Easter, Baptism, Christening
Divorce related issues, romance
Anything of a sexual nature
Breast/Penis enhancement surgery/products
Sites with overtly sexy images

=> Question #2 – 3WayLinks require that sites must have at least 2 pages indexed in Google. Can you help me get listed quickly so I can get into the network?

Answer: One of the easiest ways to get your site indexed is by placing a link to your new site on your established sites.

The higher the Page Rank of your existing site, the faster the new site will be indexed.

Another good way is to bookmark your new site with some popular social bookmark sites like digg.com, delicious.com.

=> Question #3 – If i sign up to 3WayLinks will I have too many links per day being generated? I don’t want to get sandboxed by Google.

Answer: The full link building process with 3WayLiknks is automated and that’s the appeal.

The network spreads links slowly, at the rate of 0 to 8 links per day. That means that there will be some days where no new links are added, and some days where as many as 8 are added — which is how natural linking occurs.

Once your site reaches 250 inbound links, the process stops. This usually takes about 60 days.

=> Question #4 – What if 3WayLinks is not working any more, like Google “clamp it down” or “penalize it”?

Answer: You won’t get penalized because 3waylinks is not some unethical “blackhat” tactic or spam at all. Even if Google clamp it down, they’ll just discount 3 way links or cancel the link values.

Yes, there is a “risk” involved. However, risk is everywhere, like when you crossing the street or driving your car.

And if it is not working any more – just cancel it.

It’s that simple.

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