ArticleRanks Review

Price:    Free or $39/month   
Features:    Distribution articles to PR 0-6 blogs and social sites; Building bookmarks into distributed articles; Promote YouTube videos with your articles   

Article Ranks is an article distribution service with 1000s of sites in the network which grows daily. The founder also submit anywhere from 30-80 quality domains to the network every month.

Basically you submit a spun version of your article to the article ranks network, and it is distributed to a number of relevant sites as unique version.

Each article contains 3 links in the article body, and the anchor text is also spinnable. You can link out to any links you want– affiliate links or multiple domains, as long as they are specific to the article content.

Signing up your Article Ranks account is easy and FREE. There are three ways to get backlinks from ArticleRanks:

1. Pay As You Go

You can buy credits for $2 each and the minimum amount to purchase is 10 credits.

An article submission will cost you $2 unless you want to submit your article to more categories. It’s common that you article topic can fit multiple categories. So the more categories you choose, the more sites you article will submit to. You can choose up to 4 categories, for 1 credit per category.


The great thing about Article Ranks is that you really do not need to pay for it. If you can plug in a site with PR 1 or above into the network, you will start getting credits for every post it publishes.

You site must be at least PR 1 to earn credits.

You can submit any site that contains a remote publishing API to earn credits, like WordPress blogs, Drupal and Joomla sites. Now Article Ranks even supports static sites in the system, where they publish articles via FTP.

And high PR sites will earn you more credits. A PR5 site would earn 10 more credits than a PR1 site.

3. Monthly Membership

If you don’t have any established sites to earn credits, the monthly member only cost $39 a month with unlimited article submissions.

If you are a monthly member, your articles will also be distributed to social sites like Squidoo or LiveJournal. It basically chooses a random selection of published articles and builds links into them from multiple social sites accounts.

Article Ranks also builds bookmarks into distributed articles for monthly members.

So it is very affordable to have all these powerful features, even if you only have a lower budget.

And even if you subscribe as a monthly member, I still recommend you to submit a couple of sites to earn credits because you can spend your credits to spread your articles in extra categories for more exposure.

How the Article Distribution Works

The ArticleRanks system distributes your articles to websites that set to receive content in your categories. Most of them are user submitted sites with PR1 and above, so they have much link power. A few of them even have very high PageRank (PR4+).

In a word, the quality of network is quite high and you won’t get your articles published on numerous user-submitted junk sites because PR0 sites can not earn credits. The PR requirement  is actually a very powerful rule to ensure the network grows in a healthy and rapid way.

The article distribution is mixed with WordPress blogs, Drupal sites, Joomla sites, and static html web sites as well. Why is this important to you? Well again, because diversity is the key. You obviously don’t want all your links are coming from WordPress blogs. The more diversity in your SEO campaign, the better will it perform.

The Article Ranks system also has an innovative geographic targeting technology, so that you can choose to only get links on certain countries. Best for local SEO marketing.

Once your article is submitted, you cannot change the category and your article gets distributed INSTANTLY.

But I want to say it here to people who try to spam the system. If you do NOT want to put efforts into writing the article and spinning it, you are NOT going to get it distributed. The ArticleRanks system uses a spam control whitelist algorithm to approve articles automatically.

Your accept rate is also depending on the article rewritten percentage, which is how much it is spun. The site publishers can choose to auto-reject articles that are rewritten less than some percentage.

Even if you can fool the system’s spam control algorithm, you will still get very high rejection rate if you don’t take efforts to spin the articles unique enough.

I use the Best Spinner to spin articles manually. It has an export function which is compatible with Article Ranks.

I also use an excellent service called ContentBoss to spin articles automatically, and this is the ONLY automated service I know that can produce real human-readable spun articles. However, you can’t expect very high accept rate with AR when you using ContentBoss spun articles because the rewritten rate is usually somehow lower than manually spun (about 40%-50%). But I really love it when you can spin articles at the press of a button.

The whole article submitting process with ArticleRanks is easy and quick. However, I’d also like to see some article re-submitting features like Unique Article Wizard.

Results & Final Verdict

Right now my personal highest article distribution in AR is 51 submissions – not very impressive, but the article will continue to get distributed when new sites are added, without you doing anything.

On some forums I see people get up to 200 submissions, so I think it has something to do with the article content and the categories you choose.

And those submitted articles have pretty good index rate. More than 50% of the articles I submitted are indexed by Google, and the number improves over time.

So is Article Ranks recommended?

Yes, it has a growing network, can push your site rankings with quality links and very affordable.

You can just sign up and add a blog to the network. If it has some PR and starts publishing articles, you’ll get credits for free instead of having to pay. I have a PR 1 blog that has been in the network for about one month now and it’s earned over 50 credits, which are enough for me to use. This way you don’t have to pay a cent.

I also managed to get a discount for you, so you get 5 sign up credits ($10 real value) in your account to try out their system. That’s about 750 quality links for free!

The sign-up process is easy and free. Just click here to register with Article Ranks and enter your coupon code:


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7 Responses to ArticleRanks Review

  1. Pole Vaulting Darcy

    Hey Henry,
    I kind of had my doubts about FTS but I’m very happy with ArticleRanks. I’ve only used the “pay as you go” option up till now and am happy with the article distribution rate. It’s a useful backlink building system. Thanks for good content and honesty in your reviews.

  2. Hazuwan Hamdan

    Hi Henry,
    I used the free traffic system once.
    The article was successfully submitted to 18 websites.

    And I agree with you that most of the websites that accept the article are Page Rank 0 sites.
    Only 4 of 18 have Page Rank 1-3.

    Since you said Article Ranks is much better, then I would give it a try.

    But I think it’s still ok to stick with Free Traffic System.

    So why not use both of them.

  3. Marmalade Hockey

    I think I’ll give ArticleRanks a try as well. Has the price gone up yet, or is it still 2 dollars per submission?

  4. WPInstant Pay

    I have been using AR for some time for seo backlinks and I am satisfied with the results. Article distribution is quite slow but it does not seem to stop so I expect it to continue to grow over time.

    Thanks for the AR coupon code.

  5. Steve

    Hey Henry,
    Love the review. Thinking about joining them. My only question is ‘how has this affected your website’s Search Engine Rankings?’ Has it been better than expected; you know, since the links are all PR links?
    Again, thanks for the great post.

  6. Paul

    I was a great fan of AR network but the way they have ruined their credibility by putting in the domain limit and increasing the price to $89/m for existing users is certainly not good.

    And the funny thing is they are giving no price increase guarantee when they have already increased it for existing members and the same was said earlier.

    Other networks have also increased the price but for new members only not for the existing ones. This is certainly not the way to go.

  7. Caroline P

    Hello! I’ve been using AR for over than a year and it seems pretty effective to me. However I am looking for new similar article services, doesn’t matter free or paid. Can anyone recommend something like that?


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