SEnuke XCr Review & Bonus

SEnuke X is about to change – in a major way! In fact the change is so big that the SEnuke team decided to give the software a whole new name: SEnuke XCr

What’s so big that it deserves a whole new name, you ask?

You see, the biggest gripe that people have had with SEnuke X so far is that every nuker submits to the same list of sites. People want their links to be somewhat unique – customization power. And that’s exactly what we’re addressing with this update.

New feature list for SEnuke XCr:

Easy macro recorder – teach SEnuke to submit to any website on the Internet with just a few clicks.

So you found a cool new social network site that you want to build links from. The only problem is: SEnuke doesn’t have it. What do you do? You add it yourself!

With this cool new feature, ANY website on the Internet can be automated. No I don’t mean only those sites that all use the same platform – like the forum profile module’s add sites feature – I mean ANY site on the Internet! You can add custom sites in every single module that SEnuke supports! No longer will you be restricted to just submitting to the same sites as everyone else!

And you don’t have to be a programmer to use this! There’s absolutely no “code writing” necessary. It’s a very simple click-click-click interface. A complete demo video will be released soon showing this in action!

FOUR new modules

The Senuke team is constantly looking to expand the number of places SEnuke can build links from. The new SEnuke XCr includes 4 brand-spanking new modules:

1. PDF module: SEnuke will automatically convert your articles into a PDF file and submit it to document sharing sites.

2. Wiki module: Submit to hundreds of wiki sites with the ability to add your own custom list of sites that use the most popular wiki platforms.

3. WordPress module: Submit to your own network of WordPress blogs from right inside SEnuke!

4. Google Places module: Do you have a local business? Or do SEO for one? This module will help you sky-rocket your business listing to the top of Google Local.

30 second “Turbo Wizard”

Everyone loves the SEnuke X wizard. The only problem is, it can take 15-30 minutes to setup each time!

What if you didn’t want the kind of precision control that the wizard gives? What if you only want to enter your URL, keywords and press Go? That’s exactly what the 30-second turbo wizard was created for!

Fill in a little bit of information about your promotion, pick a strategy template from a drop-down list and press Go! The entire process to create a brand new campaign from scratch won’t take you any longer than 30 seconds!

4. Launch of Xindexer 2

With the launch of SEnuke XCr we will also be launching Xindexer 2. This is a huge update to the way the indexer works. New features include:

* Total Automation!  Xindexer 2 automatically removes links that are dead or already indexed from your URL list before they enter the indexing queue.  The result?  Only valid non-indexed links are processed; saving

you valuable time and money!

* Xindexer 2 conducts weekly link checks and index checks with Google to gauge ongoing system performance!

* All new Dashboard!  With a fresh design and a set of comprehensive tutorial videos you’ll get more than ever out of the data available through your indexing efforts!

* Custom subscription packages allow you to create a campaign that is tailored specific to your needs.  No monthly fees required!

5. Huge “SECRET” feature to be announced a few days before launch

This one is the biggest one, and for most people will be the most exciting of all the new features. It will literally shake up the SEO industry because of it’s sheer brilliance. But for competitive reasons, we can’t let you know what it is until just a few days before launch.

Hint 1: No SEO software out there has this.

Hint 2: People are drooling for this. They just don’t know it yet.

Hint 3: If you can guess what the “Cr” in SEnuke XCr stands for, you can get a pretty good idea of this new feature. How’s that for a teaser? :)

P.S. Big update to SEnuke X released yesterday! Click here to read more about it.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Will this be a free upgrade to all SEnuke license holders?

A: Absolutely! We never charge for upgrades and this will be no different.

Q: When will it be released?

A: An exact launch date will be announced soon. Judging from current progress it’s looking like an August launch.

Q: How does this effect Google’s new Penguin update?

A: The majority of nukers have seen no negative effects after Google’s latest update. In fact, for most people their rankings actually went up! That’s because Google has now started giving more ranking power to “authority sites” and that’s exactly the type of sites that SEnuke builds links from! For those people who were effected by Penguin, SEnuke XCr’s new “secret” feature will help slap the Penguin back to never-never land.

Q: Will you be re-opening the lifetime license?

A: Yes. The lifetime license will once again be available for 3 days after launch.

SEnuke XCr Bonus

To Claim Your Bonuses Follow These Easy Steps:

Just purchase SEnuke XCr from the order link below:

Use the helpdesk below to send me your receipt.

Please allow 24 hours for me to reply and give access details to your bonus(Normally quicker than this 🙂 )

If you do not receive your bonus download email then please use our helpdesk here.

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